Principal architect of HEGER ARCHITECTS, and a founding partner of CZH Design, Milan Heger follows an all-inclusive approach from project concept, design, planning, architecture and interiors, to project management and delivery. Milan's design is perpetually innovative, modern and timeless in its form and livability. Milan adds personality to everything he designs. Projects unfold with the client's input, and the final result is a shared dream becoming reality.


Furniture Design

Milan Heger designs furniture and accessories that deliver an ultimate experience of comfort and a wakeful perception of everyday surroundings. Understanding design as a way of life, Milan strives to present an invigorating view of objects as art, creating sensually satisfying experiences for the user. Most designs work as unique, high quality accents to liven up any interiors.


Fine Art

Artist Milan Heger embarked on the road of creating art as a young man, in response to the uniformity of colorless propaganda around him during the totalitarian regime he grew up in. Therefore, unique and original became the hallmark of his soulful art expression. Covering the non-objectual in his performance art or in his mixed media works, Milan Heger looks for the essence of what makes us human.